by Katelyn | With Sweet Honey

Hi I’m Katelyn, the creator behind With Sweet Honey. I’ve always had a love for food. As a child, I would help my mom prepare the vegetables and fruit that we would grow in our many gardens. There’s no better taste than freshly picked strawberries from the garden down by the lake (trust me, I know). 

My love for food started early but it wasn’t until 2015 when I discovered the real impact that food can have on the body. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that turned my world upside down. After trying many different medications and doctors, I found that the thing that had the biggest impact on my health was the food I was putting into my body.

Once I realized the power of food, I spent most of my free time experimenting in the kitchen and crafting recipes that followed my gluten-free and dairy-free lifestyle. Now I am on a mission to share these recipes and hopefully inspire others along the way. 

Want to follow along on my journey? Follow my baking instagram to see more food photography and delicious recipes!

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